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COST Action WIPE - Aaborg Meeting

Highlights from the Aaborg Meeting
The 7th Management Commitee / Working Group Meeting and Workshop was held in Aalborg, Denmark, from 8 to 9 of September 2016. The Meeting was organized by a team lead by Prof. Jan Hvolgaard Mikkelsen from Aalborg University.

A student contest was held where the following works were presented:
1. Marco Fantuzzi, Alessandra Costanzo, Diego Masotti, "UWB-UHF System with Improved Reader-Tag Distance"
2. Przemyslaw Kant, Jerzy Michalski, "System Concepts for Autonomous Wireless Charging of WSN Nodes in 3D Space"
3. Lukas Goertschacher, Jasmin Grosinger, H.N. Kahn, D. Amschl, P. Priller, U. Muehlmann, W. Bösch, "UHF RFID Reader Prototype for Narrowband Localization of Battery-less Tags"
4. Giacomo Paolini, "An Agile RFID Reader for Tracking Elderly People Occupancy in Indoor Environments"

The contest winner was Marco Fantuzzi, from University of Bologna, Italy.

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