Dipartimento d'Ingegneria

GRETA PRIN 2012 Project Started

The purpose of this project is to realize a demonstrator of a wireless ecological system for identification, tracking, and monitoring of mobile subjects (persons and things).
The intention is to employ:
  • zero-power UWB communication techniques
  • eco-compatible materials
  • energy harvesting solutions.

“The new system, for which a proof of concept will be implemented, will be able to provide … the trajectory of observed objects, to sense, store and share in the network the associated parameters, in a non-ambiguous fashion and for a great number of objects. This goal will be achieved through the development of systems composed of a multiplicity of readers connected in a network (Network Green RFID - NG-RFID) and capable to interrogate a great number of “green” tags offering sensing capabilities.”

The Project, coordinated by the University of Bologna involves scientists from Ferrara, Pavia, L'Aquila and Perugia.

The Unit of Perugia is Coordinated by Luca Roselli, and includes Federico Alimenti and Paolo Mezzanotte

The activiy of Perugia unit is related to the development of electronic subsystems on paper substrates (according to the System in Package on Paper - SiPoP approach)
and to develope CMOS chips heterogeneosly integrated with other systems. Additional pioneering activity is envisaged about the development of fully organic RFID tag solutions consisting of the deposition of organic electronic devices on paper substrates. 


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