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ENIAC - ENLIGHT In evidenza

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Energy efficiency and sustainability are major concerns in society today. The lighting industry is going through a radical transformation driven by rapid progress in LED lighting, semiconductor technology, and the need for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Intelligent lighting:
The ENLIGHT project aims to exploit the full potential of LED lighting through breakthrough innovations in integrated lighting solutions beyond retrofit applications. This includes intelligent lighting systems. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared with today’s LED systems.

Unit Involvement:
The Unit of Perugia is involved in ENLIGHT project about the development of motion radar sensors based on Doppler effect and realized on very low cost technologies (ultimate goal being the realization of the whole radar fron end on paper substrates).

ENLIGHT Budget: 42,995,227.00 €

Perugia's Budget: 360,000-00 € - funded 162,000.00 €

Involved personnel:
Luca Roselli (Broker and Coordinator)
Paolo Mezzanotte (Executive responsible)
Federico Alimenti

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