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Interactive power Devices for Efficiency in Automotive with increased reliability and Safety

Strategic Objective:
A major challenge related to electronic devices in the automotive is the reliability of the power supply systems which must be capable to assure the functionality of the subsystems  in all operating conditions and while ageing. Whether for conventional vehicles or electrified ones, electronic packaging impacts on the overall complexity, efficiency, safety against crash and safety against fire. The main goal of the project is thus developing advanced packaging for power supply components and new generation memory systems having application on Electric and ICE propelled vehicles

Unit involvement:
The Unit of Perugia is involved in the IDEAS project about the full-wave analysis and characterization of interconnections and packaging

IDEAS budget: 10,770,109.00 €

Perugia's Budget: 200,000.00 € - funded: 100,000.00 €

Involved personnel:
Luca Roselli (Borker and Coordinator)
Federico Alimenti (Executive responsible)

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