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The initiative wass realized by "3A-Parco Tecnologico Agroalimentare dell’Umbria" in cooperation with Top Melon s.r.l. and University of Perugia funded by Mis. 124 of PSR 2007-2013 of the Umbria Region.

The goals of the project were the realization of agricultural techniques in the chain of the melon in Umbria in order to extend the production period; the reduction of chemicals and the optimization of water resources.

Project activities:
  • test execution to evaluate the joint use of several means to protect/stimulate growing and different materials depending on the cultivation period;
  • characterization, in terms of physical and chemical parameters of the melons produced during the field tests;
  • realization of a innovative wireless sensor network to manage and optimize the water use

Unit Involvement: 
The Unit of DIEI is involved in TOP MELON project about the development of the sensors and sensor network, several prototypes of humidity sensors have been realized and succesfully tested
TOPMELON sensore
Perugia's Budget: 78,800 € 

Involved personnel:
Paolo Mezzanotte (Coordinator)
Valeria Palazzari (Broker and chief manager)

Luca Roselli 
Federico Alimenti

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