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Di Giacomo Emilio

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    Professore associato - Associate professor
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    Ingegneria informatica - Computer engineering

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Venerdì, 28 Dicembre 2012 18:31

Non-planar drawings with large crossing angles

Crossings are considered one of the major factors that reduce the readability of the drawing of a graph. This is not only suggested by intuition but also confirmed by cognitive experiments showing that human performances degrade in the presence of edge crossings. For this reasons the study of planar drawings is a classical subject of investigation in the Graph Drawing field. Unfortunately, the graphs arising from real-world applications are often non-planar and crossings are therefore unavoidable.
Financial crimes represent a major problem of many governments and are often related to organized crimes like terrorism and narcotics trafficking. Money laundering and frauds are among the most common types of financial crimes. They are based on relevant volumes of financial transactions to conceal the identity, the source, or the destination of illegally gained money.


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