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Placidi Pisana

Placidi Pisana

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    075 585 3636
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    Ricercatore - Research fellow
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    Elettronica - Electronics


A dedicated pixel simulation and verification environment is currently under development for the performance analysis and optimization of alternative pixel readout chip architectures for next generation high energy physics experiments. Automated verification functions will be part of such a framework to enable extensive simulations of large sets of pixel hits and triggers to be performed in an automated fashion for global architecture evaluations and for all incremental extensions and refinements of a final design.


The RAPID (Real Time Active Pixel Dosimetry) project is focused on radiation protection in Interventional Radiology. During all their professional activities, interventional radiologists and staff members are frequently exposed to protracted and fractionated low doses of ionizing radiation. In order to comply with international guidelines on radiation protection, exposure to ionizing radiation also restricts the number of procedures that operators can periodically undertake. It is therefore necessary to minimize individual exposure to X-rays during radiological procedures through an on line monitoring of absorbed dose.


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