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ARTEMIDE (Autonomous Real Time Embedded Multi-analyte Integrated Detection Environment): a Fully Integrated Lab-On-Chip for Early Diagnosis of Viral Infections In evidenza

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  • The 3-year project, started on February 2013, aims at fabricating a Lab-on-Chip system that integrates in a single device all the functional modules needed for the rapid and reliable execution of complete bio-analytical protocols, from sample preparation to parallel detection of multiple analytes, without the need for pre-analytical sample treatments and bulky external instrumentation to detect the analytical signal and to actuate the microfluidics. 


  • This kind of device will ensure the simultaneous quantitative detection of different classes of biomolecules (nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins, metabolites) that represent a panel of markers suited for the diagnosis of a given pathology
  • In particular, a protoype for the early diagnosis of viral infections caused by model viruses such as parvovirus B19V (B19V) and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) will be realized.
  • A 3-month grant (mid March-mid June) was awarded and a renewable 12-month “Assegno di Ricerca” grant has been awarded (starting date July 2013).
  • “Laurea” projects on the design of the building blocks of the electronics of the Lab-on-Chip are available. The interest will be focused on: heaters for DNA multiplication, movement of droplets exploiting the Electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) technique, communication with a photodiode array for the detection of chemiluminescence and bioluminescence reactions, state machine for the control of the multichannel system, graphical user interface (GUI) of the system. “Laurea” students are welcome from Engineering and Computer Science curricula.

PRIN, programma di ricerca scientifica di rilevante interesse nazionale, cofinanziamento D.M. 1152/ric del 27/12/2011

Collaboration with: University of Roma “La Sapienza” (coordinator), University of Roma Tor VergataUniversity of BolognaCNR-IFAC of FirenzeUniversity of Pisa.

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