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Admission tests

Starting from the academic year 2014/15, students that want to enroll in the first level courses of Computer and Electronic Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Industrial Engineer in Terni, have to take the On-Line admission Test CISIA, briefly called TOLC.    

The purpose of this test is to assess the initial attitude and education level of the students, establish education debits (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi - OFA) for those students that do not pass the test, and define specific remedial courses for students with OFA.

The test is adopted at the national level, and is handled by the Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l'Accesso (CISIA).

The test is open to students of the fourth or the fifth year of the high school, as well as students with a high school diploma.

Since the TOLC test is adopted at the national level, every student that passes the test within Italy can enroll in the courses of the Engineering Department of the University of Perugia (without OFA), assuming that he/she achieves the minimum score fixed by the Department for the test.  

It is possible to take the test several times (not necessarily in Perugia), but at most one trial per solar-month is allowed, independently of the location. The TOLC dates of the University of  Perugia are the following: 
  • Thursday, May 22 (in Perugia)
  • Friday, May 23 (in Terni)
  • Thursday, June 5 (in Perugia)
  • Friday, June 6 (in Terni)
  • Tuesday, July 22 (in Perugia)
  • Friday, July 25 (in Terni)
  • Thursday, September 18 (in Perugia)
  • Friday, September 19 (in Terni)
Every student that wants to take the test has to register using the CISIA portal and to pay an amount of 28 euro, with the modalities defined by CISIA itself. 

All students that pass the test with a score greater than 10 (over 40) can enroll in the first level engineering courses of the University of Perugia without OFA. 

The students whose score is not above this threshold can still enroll with OFA, which implies that they cannot take any exam in the MAT/03 and MAT/05 areas until they have remedied their OFA.

A student has two options to remedy his/her OFA:
  1. attend specific pre-courses organized at the Engineering Department in the period September 8 - 17, and pass the test at the end of these courses;
  2. attend remedial education activities, organized during the first academic semester (October-November 2014), and then pass an additional assessment test which will be held in the period between the first and the second academic semester (mid December-late February). 
The remedial education activities and the subsequent test are also open to students who did not take the TOLC in May, June or July, but who took the TOLC in September without passing it.

Students that passed the admission test adopted by the ex-Engineering Faculty of the University of Perugia before 2014/15, can still enroll without OFA.  
The TOLC of the engineering disciplines consists of 40 questions, subdivided into 4 sections: Mathematics (20 questions, 60 minutes), Sciences (10 questions, 20 minutes), Logic (5 questions, 15 minutes), Verbal Comprehension (5 questions, 10 minutes). 
The total time for the test is therefore of 1 hour and 45 minutes. The test can be prepared using suitably defined training tests. It is also recommended to read information about the knowledge required to pass the TOLC.

The TOLC is an individual test, different from candidate to candidate, and its questions are automatically selected with a random approach. All tests generated with this system have the same difficulty. The result of each individual test is based on the number of correct answers, wrong answers, and missing answers. A correct answer gives positive score 1, a wrong answer gives negative score -0,25, and a missing answer gives score 0.  

For more information and for updates, please refer to the facebook page devoted to the admission tests at the Engineering Department of the University of Perugia and the related FAQ. Refer also to the CISIA FAQ. All participants are invited to read carefully the rules for attending the TOLC published in the CISIA web site (http://www.cisiaonline.it/it/tolc/71/Regolamenti.html).  


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