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In the context of a H2020-Space-2018 project, the spin-off company MAPRAD srl (www.maprad.com) is seeking for an experimental high-energy physicist or electronics engineer with at least 1 year experience in the design, construction and testing of data acquisition systems for particle detectors.

MAPRAD offers a permanent researcher position.

The work consists in designing and developing new front-end electronics, data acquisition and slow-control systems for particle detectors based on semiconductor (silicon) and scintillation (organic / inorganic scintillators coupled with Silicon Photomultiplier).

The candidate will also participate in the preparation and execution of the irradiation sessions of the innovative components / materials for their radiation hardness susceptibility studies according to the relevant ESA / JEDEC standards.

- C ++ and Verilog || HDL || VHDL experience is an advantage
- Microcontroller and FPGA experience is an advantage
- Circuit simulation and PCB Design is an advantage
- Good knowledge of written and spoken English is mandatory
- Experience with radiation detection systems, data taking and analysis is an advantage.
- Experience in digital / analogue electronic simulation, assembly and bench testing is an advantage.

If interested, please send your CV to curricula@maprad.com



Passeri Daniele
MAPRAD srl (www.maprad.com) ricerca ingegnere elettronico


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