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Faba Antonio

Faba Antonio

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    0744 492 912
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    Ricercatore - Research fellow
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    Elettrotecnica - Electrical Engineering
Monday, 16 February 2015 18:47

Laboratorio di Elettrotecnica

Presso la sede del Diparitmento di Ingegneria di Perugia è presente il Laboratorio di Elettrotecnica le cui caratteristiche ed attività sono descritte nel seguente sito web

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 11:05

CEM Laboratory

The CEM laboratory is part of the "University of Perugia - Polo Scientifico e Didattico di Terni". The activities are focused on electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, electromagnetic nondestructive testing and magnetic materials.

More information at http://laboratoriocem.tr.unipg.it/index.htm

E. Cardelli, A. Faba, " A Benchmark Problem of Vector Magnetic Hysteresis for Numerical Models", IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, VOL. 50, NO. 2, February 2014, ISSN: 0018-9464. 

Abstract - In this paper we present a benchmark problem for the validation of numerical models of vector magnetic hysteresis. The problem geometry and the measurement system are described. The materials considered are both oriented grain OG and not oriented grain NOG Si-Fe steels. A series of experimental data about magnetic field and magnetic induction loci under rotational magnetization are presented with the corresponding magnetic losses. The measured data can be useful as a reference for the numerical models testing, comparison and development. In addition, we propose here a comparison of the experimental data with the numerical results computed  using a vector hysteresis model based on the extension of the Preisach model in 2-d.

A presentation of this work is in the attachment file.


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