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12 Mar

Undesired acoustic emissions of mechanical face seals: Model and simulations Featured

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We have investigated  mechanical face seals   used  as sealing devices of  pumps in cooling  systems of automobile engines. Sometimes the mechanical face seals generate undesired acoustic emissions: ringing. Ringing phenomena in mechanical face seals are one of the inconveniences that appears under certain conditions but they are rarely studied because of the difficulty in reproducing these phenomena. Seals may operate in any of the following three lubrication regimes: full film lubrication, mixed lubrication  and  boundary lubrication.
The problem is examined through a lumped parameters model together with a mixed friction tribological model. Numerical simulations compared with experimental results  demonstrate that  the phenomenon is caused by the insurgence of stick-slip vibrations. In addition, the stability threshold is investigated and the influences of some design parameters are evaluated.

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Valigi Maria Cristina

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