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The activities carried out in the Thermotechnics Laboratory are focused on the issues in heat transfer, energy engineering and development of renewable energy sources.
There are systems for measuring thermophysical properties of materials (thermofluximeters, infrared thermal imaging cameras, spectrophotometric analysers) and an experimental apparatus was built (hot box): this equipment is mainly used for the analysis of both conventional and innovative transparent and opaque materials and components with different applications: from energy saving in buildings (energy performance certificate) to thermal-visual optimization of the vehicles bodywork.

In this Laboratory it is possible to carry out:
  • thermal conductivity measurements of homogeneous materials, according to UNI EN 12667, by means of guarded hot plate method;
  • thermal resistance measurements of materials and components with a calibrated hot box (UNI EN ISO 12567-1, UNI EN 1934 and UNI EN 12412-2);
  • thermal transmittance measurements with a thermofluximeter (ISO 9869);
  • determination of the thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (UNI EN ISO 10077-1 and 2);
  • thermographic inspections of the building envelope for energy audits (UNI 13187);
  • buildings energy characteristics simulations for summer and winter conditions with stationary and dynamic calculations (UNI TS 11300);
  • UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometric measurements (UNI EN 410:2011) for the evaluation of the optical properties of materials;
  • surface emissivity measurements by emissometer and determination of the Solar Reflectance Index, according to the LEED certification (ASTM C1371, ASTM E903 and ASTM E1980).
Within the study of alternative and renewable energy sources, devices have been developed for applications related to the utilization of solar energy, both thermal and photovoltaic: the research is aimed at the development of the collection devices and their integration with energy conversion plants (absorption refrigerators). In order to support these activities, the facility is equipped with software and numerical codes for the computational analysis of physical phenomena and for the measurement and monitoring of the machine operating parameters.
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