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The Environmental Control Laboratory main fields are the evaluation of the air quality, the measurement of polluting emissions and the assessment of the thermohygrometric comfort conditions in confined environments, such as residential buildings, schools and museums.
The main activities are:
  • continuous monitoring of the external environmental parameters (temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation) by dedicated stations;
  • indoor microclimate monitoring by remote stations: determination of the comfort indexes (UNI 7730) such as Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) and the Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied people (PPD) from the analysis of the main environmental parameters (air temperature, mean radiant temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure, average natural lighting);
  • indoor air quality monitoring (carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene and ozone) by colorimetric tubes;
  • indoor radon gas concentration measurements;
  • pollutants emission monitoring (carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter) of heating systems with different fuels by filters and electrochemical analyser;
  • numerical codes for the elaboration of pollutant dispersion mapping;
  • outdoor air quality analysis (dust and PM10);
  • electromagnetic fields measurements (CEI 221-6 and 7);
  • lighting design, simulations and measurements (UNI EN 12464-1);
  • air-conditioning systems design and performance check and air quality assessment in particular situations, such as museums and art galleries;
  • Life Cycle Assessment (UNI EN ISO 14040).
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