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Thursday, 04 September 2014 10:24

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The third law of thermodynamics states that the Universe’s entropy is constantly increasing. The Entropy is a scientific and extremely complex concept which, translated in simpler terms, represents the level of “Disorder” of a given system. It is impossible to reduce the Universe’s Entropy but it is possible to reduce the contribution that human beings give to entropy’s increase.

In the solid waste sector, the Disorder (Entropy), with which the waste is returned/given, represents one of the main problems that hinders the possibility of increasing the level of recyclable materials. The mix of different materials makes it difficult to recycle them.

To increase order, that is to reduce Disorder and so the Entropy‘s level with which the waste is returned/given, means that it would be possible to increase the level of recyclable materials. It is possible to pursue efficient actions of recycling through waste fluxes divided by category, product group, materials’ homogeneity.

To enhance the level of order in waste management, and so to reduce Entropy, two main pilot activities will be carried out:

  • Originally selection (TSA-DI). Moving from the idea of  “At-source Separated” collection to the idea of “At-source Selected” collection.
  • Mechanical selection (GESENU-DI). Extraction of recyclable and recoverable materials from residual and mixed waste.
  • Biological treatment (GESENU-DI). Renewable energy production from waste organic fraction, improvement of agronomic features of compost, reconstitution of carbon sink.
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Micale Caterina

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    Dottorando - PhD Student
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    Macchine e sistemi per l'energia e l'ambiente - Environmentally sustainable energy conversion systems

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