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Scorzoni Andrea

Scorzoni Andrea

Docente di "Elettronica dei Sistemi Digitali" (9 CFU, laurea triennale) e del modulo "Sensori" di "Sensori e Sistemi di Misura Distribuiti" (Laurea Magistrale in Elettronica e TLC).

Website URL: http://www.unipg.it/pagina-personale?matricola=005481 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Details

  • Phone
    075 585 3639
  • Role
    Professore associato - Associate professor
  • Area
    Elettronica - Electronics

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  • The 3-year project, started on February 2013, aims at fabricating a Lab-on-Chip system that integrates in a single device all the functional modules needed for the rapid and reliable execution of complete bio-analytical protocols, from sample preparation to parallel detection of multiple analytes, without the need for pre-analytical sample treatments and bulky external instrumentation to detect the analytical signal and to actuate the microfluidics. 


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